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P.O. Box 426, Salem OR 97308, 503-588-7121

"Having been born and raised in Oregon's mid Willamette Valley I learned very early what hard work was. My summers were spent working the fields and daydreaming under the Oregon sun. When I was about 13 for reasons I still can't explain I became enthralled with photography and just had to have a camera. I ordered my first camera from the Spiegel catalog and when it finally arrived my life was changed. By the time I was 15 I was employed by the newspaper in my hometown doing darkroom work and taking pictures. At 17 I was an apprentice for a master portrait photographer and then I worked my way through college as a photojournalist. Upon graduation I continued my education by working as a freelance assistant for some of the Northwest's best commercial photographers. I have operated a commercial photography studio for about 20 years. My work has won many awards and has appeared in publications both nationally and internationally. I also have been featured in several gallery shows."

If you've looked through my work you should be able to tell I love the outdoors. I thrive here in the Pacific Northwest where every day holds potential for another great adventure. That being said I still love to spend days in the studio making great shots of things. My true gift I feel is in my ability to connect with people and to get them to let out that part of themselves that they have always wanted to.